Singapore Roti Prata – This is really a humble but extremely satisfying Singapore favourite. It is like bread and can be eaten on its own. Of course, the locals have come up with many creative variety to satisfy different taste buds.

The dish is made on the spot by skillful artisans. He would grab a unseemly plain dough, pressed it with his bare hands greased with vegetable oil, and with impossibly quick moves, he whirls and twirls the dough into the air several times until it is paper thin. This is most difficult step in Roti Prata making and try not to miss it.

The dough, now a thin piece, is folded into a rectangle shape and heated on a hot plate. The final form has brown “blisters” burst on the surface, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Simply pick up the Roti Prata to eat on it own or sprinkle with sugar. Also try dipping with the curry gravy that comes with your order.

There are a few popular twists to this dish. You can order Roti Prata with fillings like beaten egg, mutton, chicken and sardine meats with chopped onions to complete the taste. The locals call Roti Prata with no fillings as “Roti Prata Kosong”. This is most popular version followed by “Roti Prata Telur” which comes with beaten egg filling. Add some varieties by ordering one or two pieces of Roti Prata Kosong and another with the filling you like.

How To Eat Like A Local?

The most enjoyable way of eating Roti Prata is with your fingers. Tear the bread is into bite size pieces and dipped into the curry before popping into your mouth. Be sure to try the different curries available for free. Not spicy enough, ask for Sambal chilli sauce to go with your curry.

Want To Try This Dish?

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Where To Eat?

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