Singapore Nasi Lemak – Nasi Lemak, while has it roots in Malay culture, is a favorite among the Chinese & Indians of Singapore. Its name is derived from its cooking process of soaking rice in coconut milk and steamed to perfection. The rice is extremely fragrant as each grain is coated with a layer of coconut milk making it “fatter” so the name “fatter rice” which in Malay is Nasi Lemak.

To give it more fragrance, knotted screwpine leaves (locals call “Pandan”) are thrown into the rice while steaming. Some creative cooking has emerged to include spices such as ginger and herbs like lemon grass to add additional fragrance.

The rice is traditionally served with fried small anchovies (locals call “Ikan Bilis”) & peanuts, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg and hot spicy chilli sauce (locals call “Sambal”), wrapped in banana leaves to enhance it flavor.

Today, a variety of other accompaniments has emerged to include fried chicken drumsticks & franks, curried or spicy vegetables & a variety of meats usually spicy in nature.

How To Eat Like A Local?

Locals love to mix the hot spicy sauce “Sambal” together with the rice before eating. While, the dish can be enjoyed anytime of the day, It is best enjoyed in the morning as breakfast together with a cup of thick, black local coffee.

Want To Try This Dish?

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Where To Eat?

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