Singapore Mee Siam – It may not be true that Mee Siam, which translates to “Siamese Noodle”, originates from Thailand. It probably gets its name because this hard punching dish has taste resembling the characteristic of Thai dishes – spicy, sweet, delightfully sour & tangy. So it is reasonable to guess that locals name the dish “Siamese Noodle” because of its taste.

Nevertheless, Mee Siam is an extremely popular dish widely prepared by the Indians, Malays & Chinese of Singapore. And it can be enjoyed all day.

The dish is rice vermicelli (locals call “Bee Hoon”) cooked in tangy spicy gravy served with simple toppings – salted soy beans, dried bean curd, boiled egg & calamansi lime. The gravy is fiery red in colour and is garnished with spring onions & Chinese chives to tone down its look. The main ingredients of the gravy is chilli, tamarind juice & dried shrimp.

How To Eat Like A Local?

As if the dish is not sour & spicy enough, locals will definitely squeeze the calamansi lime juice over the noodles and will add one or more tea spoons of Sambal chilli sauce. Often, the dish is accompanied by another favourite – Otah which is BBQ fish cake wrapped in leaf.

Want To Try This Dish?

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Where To Eat?

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