Singapore Mee Rebus – Mee Rebus literally means “Boiled Noodles” as the yellow egg noodles are boiled before the gravy is poured over. Like many Singapore signature dishes, this dish has Chinese ingredients and can be sold by Chinese stall owners although it has its roots from the Malay culture.

Mee Rebus has it distinctive flavor anchored by its spicy slightly sweet curry-life thick gravy. The gravy is made from potatoes, curry powder, salted soybeans, dried shrimps and peanuts.

The dish is served with a hard boiled egg, calamansi lime, garnished with spring onions, Chinese celery green chillies, fried tofu (locals call “Tau Kwa”), fried shallots & bean sprouts.

How To Eat Like A Local?

Squeeze the calamansi lime juice over the noodles & stir well. Eat the noodles with the chopped Chinese celery green chillies. Some locals will pour moderate amount of dark soy sauce over the noodles.

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Where To Eat?

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