Singapore Laksa – The Singapore’s Laksa is truly one of the more significant Singapore’s culinary contributions to the world. It is the kind of dish that compels you to let off a satisfying roar just to get the intensity out of you. “Shiok!” is the pressure releasing yell locals use.

Laksa is a spicy rice noodle soup from the Peranakan culture of Singapore, which is a merger of Chinese & Malay elements. Springy, white rice noodles are bathed in tasty rich concentrated curry broth enriched with freshly squeezed coconut milk, spices, dried shrimp and chilli paste.

Seafood ingredients like fresh cockles, prawns, fish cakes and tofu puffs are swirled together with the noodles. The finishing touch is Malay daun kesum leaves, not to garnish but to add another level of aroma. This leaf has an English nickname too – what else – laksa leaf.

By now, the dish is an explosion of red and orangery swirls looking soup broth that is so tasty that you will lick every last drop of it.

Eating this dish in Singapore’s heat where the humidity is high, makes you feel like you are in a sauna. Get ready to wipe away your sweats from your head.

A variety that is challenging the title of Singapore National Dish is Katong Laksa. The noodles are sliced short so that it can be scooped up together with the curry broth with a spoon alone (that is, without chopsticks or a fork).

How To Eat Like A Local?

Just don’t leave out the Laksa leaves and chilli paste. They are served floating on the soup. Swirl them into the soup until you can’t see the chilli paste.

Want To Try This Dish?

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Where To Eat?

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