Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice – Hainanese Chicken Rice has its root in China’s Hainan cuisine and is adopted by Singapore Chinese. It is widely regarded as the national dish of Singapore.

The dish serves richly flavored steamed chicken meat chopped over steaming hot rice cooked in chicken stock. Another common variety is the use of roasted chicken. The steamed chicken variety has jelly-like skin finishing whereas roasted chicken has near crispy roasted skin.

Locals call the steamed chicken variety as “white chicken rice” and roasted chicken variety as “roasted chicken rice”. The combination of tender chicken meat, slightly oily but fragrant rice & chilli sauce dip makes this dish unique & popular.

You will be hard pressed to spot stalls selling “Hainanese” Chicken Rice. Today anyone selling this dish simply name their stall “Chicken Rice” since it is known that it will be Hainanese Chicken Rice. This dish is so popular that it has Halal version and is enjoyed by our Muslim friends.

How To Eat Like A Local?

Mix 2 portions of chilli sauce & 1 portion of pounded ginger in a small saucer. Spread some of the mixed sauce over the chicken meat and eat with the rice. You can also spread a little dark soy sauce together.

Want To Try This Dish?

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Where To Eat?

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