Singapore Char Hokkien Har Mee – “Char Hokkien Har Mee” means fried Hokkien prawns noodles. This dish was believed to be created by post war Hokkien sailors from South China who fry excess noodles from the noodle factories they work in with any ingredients they can get their hands on.

This simple & magical dish consists of rice vermicelli (locals call them “Bee Hoon”) and yellow noodles stir fried with prawns, sliced cuttlefish, bean sprouts, spring onions and lard bits in flavourful thick stock.

At some stalls, the chefs will fried the dish in front of you showing their culinary skills as they bless the noodles with selected ingredients.

Authentic attention is given when the noodles is served over fragrant opei leaf together with some calamansi limes. Mid sized fresh prawns, usually tiger prawns or the red banana prawns is a key feature of this dish.

How To Eat Like A Local?

Locals often squeeze calamansi lime juice over the dish to give it more zing. To bring to the next level, eat with a bit of specially made chilli sauce (locals call “Sambal Balachan”) by stirring some portion into the noodles. The chilli sauce has its roots from Malays and Indonesians.

Want To Try This Dish?

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Where To Eat?

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