Singapore Chai Tow Kway – The English translation of Chai Tow Kway is Carrot Cake. Here is an interesting fact about this dish. There is no carrot. The “carrot” is actually white radish or Daikon. But don’t expect to see slices or chopped white radish while eating this dish.

The dish has a simple look but the entire preparation is not.

The white radish has to be grated before it is cooked till tender. It is then mixed with rice flour water mixture, steam for an hour, cool for 1.5 hours before it is left in the fridge for at least 8 hours. To serve, the block of “cake” is diced and stir fried with garlic, salt-pickled radish and eggs. The stir frying is theatrical with a lot of clanking and arms flying above the frying wok.

There are two varieties and their common names are “White” and “Black”. The “White” version has the carrot cake fried on top of beaten egg to form a crispy crust. The “Black” version is flavoured with sweet dark soy sauce. Both get a sprinkle of chopped spring onion and fresh coriander leaves as final garnish.

This dish is a common side dish for a group of friends to share – a testimonial to how addictive this dish is.

How To Eat Like A Local?

Locals like chilli. They would request chilli paste to be added into their dish to make it spicy.

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